11 Stunning Fall Foliage Photos That Show How Beautiful Columbia Is In the Autumn

"Don't you love New York in the Fall?" We'll do you one better: Immerse yourself in the fall foliage of Columbia's campuses.

Eileen Barroso, Kelly Moffitt, and Jennifer Pellerito
November 17, 2021

Mmmmmm, autumn in the city. To quote the classic autumnal romance, You've Got Mail, "Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies." That is certainly the case for anyone who has bundled up with a cuppa while striding under the titian and gold canopy of trees on College Walk. 

To celebrate fall's last exuberant gasp of color on Columbia's campus, University Photographer Eileen Barroso headed out to capture some of the gorgeous fall foliage we witnessed this November. Keep these photos close as we enter the blustery months ahead. 

As Beautiful as Lion's Mane

The Columbia lion statue with a burst of orange leaves.

A Bike Through College Walk

A person rides a bike through College walk with a sea of orange leaves behind him.

Dappled In Light

Yellow leaves cover the Van Am Quad

Stairway to Foliage Heaven

Vibrant yellow leaves behind Low Steps.

Pupin Plaza Perfection

Red and orange trees blaze in front of Pupin Hall.

Foliage. Friends. Forever.

Three friends stand by fall foliage.

Seasons Change

CUIMC Campus with a tree

Luxuriating In Leaves

The statue of Pan on Columbia's campus under fall foliage.

The Essence of Frondescence

Two friends chat on Columbia's college walk with a yellow tree behind them.

The Perfect Frame

A student in headphones walks with leaves behind her.