One Student's Colorful Case for the 'Greatest College at the Greatest University in the Greatest City in the World'

Meet Venice Ohleyer (CC'22), a native Brooklynite, and member of Columbia's oldest improv group, Fruit Paunch.

October 19, 2021

Sometimes you see a pop of color on campus and you just gotta investigate. That's what happened when University Photographer Eileen Barroso came across Venice Ohleyer (CC'22) on campus in October and couldn’t help but grab a few photos for our recurring Instagram series #ColumbiaStories.

An actor writer, and comedian, Venice is an active member of Fruit Paunch, Columbia's oldest improv group. Below, we get to know Venice a little better!

What is your favorite place on campus?

The bathrooms on the second floor of Kent Hall. Not only are they spacious, but there is actually even a couch. I would argue that it’s the greatest bathroom in the greatest college of the greatest university in the greatest city in the world.

Favorite place in New York City?

When you have some free time, do me a favor. Hop on the 1 train and take it all the way up to 116th. You’ll find this little old spot called Columbia University. Some actually say it’s the greatest college at the greatest university in the greatest city in the world.

What is your Columbia Story?

In order to tell my story, we’d have to start at a little old place called Columbia University. It’s rumored to be the greatest university in the greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. — Kidding! The only thing necessary to tell my story is the concept of the Beginner’s Mind. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities; in the expert’s mind there are few.” This is an entirely new concept that I have created and brought to Columbia’s campus, and it is entirely unique and defines me.

What is your passion?


#ColumbiaStories are photos taken by University Photographer Eileen Barroso as she randomly selects Columbians to photograph across the university. You can find more on Instagram