Archaeologist and anthropologist Kristina G. Douglass will join the school.

"Josef is a consummate Columbian, who brings to this position a deep commitment to the unique and special role of the Core Curriculum in our undergraduate education and to ensuring our students have the best possible experience," wrote President Lee C. Bollinger.

Knight First Amendment Institute’s “Lies, Free Speech, and the Law” event featured research from a diverse range of scholars on how to address the problem of falsehoods.

In “Dead Reckoning,” Sociology Professor Diane Vaughan looks at the effort it takes for controllers to keep the skies safe.

Eric Foner, professor emeritus of history, was awarded the Tony Horwitz Prize for distinguished work in American history.

"A long-standing and devoted member of the Columbia community, Keren will be a wonderful addition to University leadership," wrote President Lee C. Bollinger.

Through the new project, a team of scholars and experts will examine and propose legal frameworks for the management of international claims and reparations.

For the past week, Columbians have turned out to celebrate the Classes of 2022, 2021, and 2020 in style. 

Wayne Lee discusses his experience as a Taiwanese-American and explains why he left Silicon Valley to teach statistics.

Bollinger discussed free speech, knowledge, expertise, and humility, as well as the role of universities as a force for good in society.

The benefits of higher CO2 levels on plants disappear under flooding, a three-decades long experiment reveals.

A screening program that combines genetic and lab testing could identify 1 million Americans at risk of early death from heart disease.

From science to engineering, writing to social sciences, here are the Columbians who received awards recently.

Fungus-based construction materials could be useful in remote settings or at the scenes of natural disasters.

Climate change is upsetting the migratory rhythms of many species, disrupting pollinators, and spelling trouble for ecosystems around the world.