The center aims to address rapidly-growing connectivity bottlenecks between data-hungry wireless devices and deluged data centers. 

Graphullerene, an atom-thin material made of linked fullerene subunits, gives scientists a new form of modular carbon to play with.

Columbia chemistry postdoc Elena Meirzadeh shares what’s so special about superatoms and her path through science so far.

In Human Rights for Pragmatists, Jack Snyder demonstrates that where local power and politics lead, rights follow.

On December 8, 2022, President Lee C. Bollinger was presented with the Navy's Distinguished Public Service Award by The Honorable Carlos Del Toro, Secretary of the Navy.

In recognition of his role in bringing back Naval ROTC and welcoming former service members to the university, President Bollinger receives a lifetime service award from the School of General Studies at its annual Military Ball. 

In a New York classroom or an African market, GSAPP Professor Emanuel Admassu questions the core tenets of architecture and urban design.

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Take a look back at some of the visual highlights of 2022 from the Columbia community. 

As part of Del Toro’s visit, SIPA hosted a lunch for selected students from the United States and other countries, including active and former military members.

Pallavi Kache is researching how cities can stop the proliferation of dangerous illnesses like dengue fever.

What stories grabbed the attention of our readers in 2022? The results may surprise you.

Her recent Columbia presentation coincides with the Wallach Gallery exhibition, Sin Autorización: Contemporary Cuban Art.

From science to engineering, writing to social sciences, here are the Columbians who received awards recently.

Fiction, nonfiction, memoir, history, archaeology, biography—we’ve got you covered with this diverse list of books.