May 18, 2018

Prof. Mark Mazower Unearths His Own Family’s History

Mark Mazower, history professor and director of the Heyman Center for the Humanities, has covered international developments on either side of World War II. In his latest book, 'What You Did Not Tell: A Russian Past and the Journey Home,' he turns his scholar’s eye closer to home.

May 16, 2018

CU People: Meredith Howard

Meredith Howard is a director in the marketing department of Columbia University Press. She oversees publicity, advertising, and media relations for books that “range from specialized monographs with a limited readership to books for a general audience that have good scholarly bones.”

May 14, 2018

Columbia World Projects Issues First Report

Columbia World Projects issued a report on expanding access to energy, which has been called a “golden thread” because of the critical role it plays in enabling economic opportunity, health, gender equality, food security, and environmental sustainability.