Virtual classes can teach future physical therapists important skills, but only through human touch do hands learn to feel and see.

Coronavirus has exposed many fault lines in our society. We need to work together to enact change.

Fiction can help frame our responses and serve as a guide for what happens next.

Concerned about relapse and maintaining recovery, practitioners and patients are embracing teletherapy now that face-to-face sessions are less of an option.

Through sustainability efforts, we raised thousands of dollars for the workers of Bhopal and transformed government policy for the greater good.

The 2020 Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity have been selected from across the United States and South Africa and they will join a transnational network of leaders working across issues and geography to end anti-Black racism and white supremacy.

As part of an ongoing series, Columbia scholars Christopher L. Brown, Eric Foner, Stephanie McCurry, and Bailey Yellen, discuss the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Justice Lab’s Vincent Schiraldi talks to Columbia News about the center’s work that is featured in a new Human Rights Watch and ACLU report.

A physician who once dreamed of freezing time to savor life's richest moments learns in the pandemic that pause is unnatural and paralyzing. 

Van Jones and Michael Nutter engage in a lively discussion at this year’s David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at SIPA.

A professor in engineering (with a long family history of gardening) finds a small, empty plot of land on campus and grows a lush garden.

Although there is no substitute for physical presence, virtual connection has unlocked new ways for international students to communicate with their academic partners amid the pandemic.

After eight years away, I returned to clinical practice to join my nursing colleagues at the frontline.

We’ve always needed free flowing public health information, but the coronavirus pandemic has made that need more urgent.

Researchers and physicians from the Mailman School of Public Health and Columbia University Irving Medical Center weigh in on what we have learned so far about the novel coronavirus.