In this week's News Quiz, the Summer Ideas Exchange and other University initiatives are intellectually engaging our community from their homes and a Columbia surgeon sings to mark his recovery from COVID-19.

Two healthcare workers recall their experiences on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. One witnessed how race factors into outcomes and the other had to alter the way she interacts with patients.

Dmitri Basov will use the award to develop experimental techniques that could lead to revolutionary applications in electronics, computing energy technology and medical devices.

Finance experts Wally Adeyemo and Glenn Hubbard discuss how the U.S. can navigate the economic crisis and the role universities can play in assisting local communities.

Every dollar donated to the fund through the Medical Center Neighborhood Fund and the Columbia Community Service Food Relief Project will be used to support the program.

An MFA Writing student remembers the double lung transplant that saved her–and so much more.

With detentions and delays behind him, political science major Qutaiba Idlbi is determined to bring political transition and justice to Syria.

Following the University ceremony, former Vice President Joe Biden will address the Law School and award-winning actor John Turturro will speak to School of the Arts graduates.

Chichi Ikwuazom, a psychology major and aspiring orthopedist, is the 2019 Ivy League Volleyball Player of the Year.

Maryam Hassan, a Middle Eastern Studies major, is the women’s track and field team captain and an accomplished sports photographer for Columbia Athletics.

Mike Smith, a sociology major, is a record-holding point guard for Columbia's men's basketball team. After graduation, Smith will set out to University of Michigan for his graduate studies.

The prestigious award supports top-tier researchers at U.S. universities whose work is of strategic importance to the Department of Defense.

Columbia astronomer uses Bayesian statistics to shed light on how extraterrestrial life might evolve in alien worlds.

In this week's News Quiz, we're focused on Ideas and Imagination, a looming environmental crisis, and tutoring for essential workers’ K-12 children.

For Jenna Kirschner, an MBA defined by community and global immersion has prepared her well for the future.