'Time Is One of the Most Powerful Things In Life': Meet This SPS Grad From Jakarta, Indonesia

On a recent boat excursion, University Photographer Eileen Barroso caught up with Inigo Goestiandi (SPS'22).

September 22, 2022

Recent graduate Inigo Goestiandi (SPS'22) hails from Jakarta, Indonesia, and received his degree from the School of Professional Studies Human Capital Management program.

On a recent SPS boat excursion, University Photographer Eileen Barroso came across Goestiandi and snapped a few photos for our recurring Instagram series #ColumbiaStories, learning more about Goestiandi's experience at Columbia. 

What is your favorite place on campus?

I like to spend my time in Butler Library.

Favorite place in New York City?

Central Park. It offers lots of things to do: reading, jogging, or simply enjoying the view.

What is your story?

I’ve always wanted to live in New York City and explore the city since I was a kid. Being able to study at Columbia University is a dream come true for me. Moreover, I get the chance to meet wonderful people and have plenty of great experiences.

What is your superpower?

If I were to choose a superpower, I would want the ability to control time. I think time is one of the most powerful things in life.

#ColumbiaStories are photos taken by University Photographer Eileen Barroso as she selects Columbians to photograph across the university. You can find more on Instagram