Where in the World Are Our Fabulous 2021 Columbia Grads?

Even though we’re separated due to the global pandemic, we love seeing our 2021 grads celebrate their accomplishments all across the world.

April 28, 2021

Although Columbia University is in New York City, this past year has taught us more than any other that we are a network of global citizens. Columbia’s Class of 2021 is no different. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has separated many of us during this commencement season, it has also given us a glimpse into the lives of our students all over the world (and in some far-flung parts of the U.S. as well). 

Check out this video to get a glimpse of the Class of 2021’s 5,296 international students from 138 countries and the many grads who’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to do research and study outside of the United States, including in conjunction with the Columbia Global Centers:

Here are just a few of the spectacular places we’re seeing our grads celebrate their accomplishments around the world:


Meiske Wahju

Meiske Wahju, SPS'21, on a beach in Bali!

San Francisco, California

A Columbia graduate in cap and gown throws their hands up in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cynthia Leung, SPS’21, looking out over the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Shanghai, China

Two grads in Columbia regalia celebrate in Shanghai.

Shunan Chen, SEAS’21, and Peter Wong, SEAS’21 at a Columbia Global Centers event in Shanghai.

A Columbia grad poses against windows overlooking Shanghai.

Xiaojue Lue, TC’21, at a Columbia Global Centers event in Shanghai.

A Columbia grad poses with a young boy in an instagram cutout.

Tianyu Sun, LAW’21, at a Columbia Global Centers event in Shanghai. 

Paris, France

A columbia student in regalia poses in front of the louvre.

Quincy MacShane, BC’21, went abroad to Columbia's Reid Hall in Paris in 2019 and ended up staying for two years because of COVID-19.

Honolulu, Hawaii

A Columbia grad in regalia surfs a wave in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Clio Tai, BC’21, caught a wave in her graduation gown at home in Honolulu.


A Columbia grad in gown with diploma in Japan surrounded by cherry blossom trees.

Kyoko Adachi, SPS’21, wrote: “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities for growth I was given and the confidence I gained as a result. At Columbia I formed countless friendships that will last a lifetime, and earned my master's degree!”

Kyrgyz Republic

A Columbia grad in cap and gown

Eldiiar Kamchybekov, SIPA’21, completing a degree from the Kyrgyz Republic.

Auckland, New Zealand

A Columbia grad in a baseball cap with tassel in New Zealand.

Nick Dawe, TC’21, reporting for Commencement from 9,000 miles away.

Puerto Rico

Pablo Pastrana.

Pablo Pastrana, SPS’21, shows his Puerto Rican pride.

Adana, Turkey

Mesude Altay and Family in Columbia gear.

Mesude Altay, CC'21, has the whole family in Columbia attire from Adana, Turkey!