This page features news and research related to topics about politics at Columbia University.

This year’s consequential midterm elections are around the corner.

Professor Thomas Christensen explores the international politics of the Cold War and U.S.-China relations in a new book.

Does it always come down to “the economy, stupid,” or will other factors be as important to voters in this midterm election?

This visiting fellow at SIPA offers insights from his time at the Department of Energy about taking quantum science from the lab to the real world.

Learn what faculty members think about the unstable and alarming situation of Russia's military incursion in Ukraine.

As Russia continues to amass troops along Ukraine's border, the regional situation looks increasingly perilous. 

For years, Putin has been trying to convince the world that Russia is justified in invading Ukraine. Can he succeed?

The pendulum versus policy explanation, and how they differ in their implications.

Here's everything you need to know to make sure your vote is counted on November 2 in the NYC General Election.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how some strong, wealthy democracies, like the United States, struggled to manage the public health crisis.

The Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity announced their 2021 cohort, 20 outstanding innovators and leaders who are tackling anti-Black racism. 

The Center on Poverty and Social Policy helped to ensure that the poorest children in the U.S.