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A senior attorney at the Knight Institute explains why they filed the lawsuit and what's at stake for free speech.

The Great Polarization lays out the issue in stark terms, and outlines potential ways forward.

How did the political situation in Peru escalate to violence? A political scientist unpacks why the country is in turmoil today.

The former U.S.

In Human Rights for Pragmatists, Jack Snyder demonstrates that where local power and politics lead, rights follow.

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Professor Thomas Christensen explores the international politics of the Cold War and U.S.-China relations in a new book.

Does it always come down to “the economy, stupid,” or will other factors be as important to voters in this midterm election?

This visiting fellow at SIPA offers insights from his time at the Department of Energy about taking quantum science from the lab to the real world.

Learn what faculty members think about the unstable and alarming situation of Russia's military incursion in Ukraine.

As Russia continues to amass troops along Ukraine's border, the regional situation looks increasingly perilous.