Recap is a Columbia News series that highlights and summarizes some of the major events happening at Columbia University. 

The President of the Republic of Singapore, alongside CNN's Fareed Zakaria, addressed the theme of "Building Common Ground" on Nov.

His book, The Rediscovery of America, offers an overview of U.S. history with Indigenous figures at the center.

The event focused on opportunities and threats to the supply chain posed by microelectronics and artificial intelligence.

Anthony Fauci was awarded the Mailman School's Frank A. Calderone Prize, the most prestigious honor in public health.

SIPA kicked off its Spotlight Interview series on April 3, with a wide range of issues including the state of U.S.

Zayd Ayers Dohrn discusses his family’s radical legacy with Jamal Joseph and Carol Becker.

Her talk was part of a conference honoring the late Robert Jervis and his influence on the U.S. intelligence community. 

The Institute for the Study of Human Rights recently hosted a reception to welcome the latest Human Rights Advocates Program cohort.

In an event honoring the life of the late director of the Santiago Center, Karen Poniachik, participants highlight the special global bond between

Her recent Columbia presentation coincides with the Wallach Gallery exhibition, Sin Autorización: Contemporary Cuban Art.

A group of writers and filmmakers gathered at Columbia to discuss the best approaches.

In a presentation at Columbia, his message about the environmental impact of plastic was loud and clear.