Recap is a Columbia News series that highlights and summarizes some of the major events happening at Columbia University. 

This past Tuesday, Global Freedom of Expression awarded prizes for Significant Legal Ruling and Excellence in Legal Services at its 2022 awards cer

Elias and Yousef Anastas design buildings, and also celebrate artisanship.

In a recent virtual event hosted by Columbia University School of General Studies, the award-winning chef, TV host, artist, and author reflected on

In an online GSAPP event, Kate Aronoff discusses her recent book, "Overheated," and what needs to be done now.

She also covers changing U.S.-China relations, fear, truth-telling, and other topics in an online Weatherhead East Asian Institute event.

A group of artists gathered to share their experiences creating works that encompass collective memories and mourning as well as hope and healing.

In an online GSAPP event, Thai architect Boonserm Premthada discusses Elephant World, where the large creatures coexist with locals and visitors.

In an online event, he discusses his process and the relationship between art and science with Maureen Raymo, co-founding dean of Columbia Climate

In an online GSAPP event, Nigerien architect Mariam Kamara discusses the role that memory plays as a blueprint for her work.

Professor Liên-Hằng Nguyễn from the department of history hopes to expand the Vietnamese Studies program at Columbia, in an effort to foster greate

In a recent online event, panelists discussed how authors can envision a future of hope and climate progress.

In the post-/911 digital era, experts reflect on what they learned from the government's response to the World Trade Center attacks, and how the wo