Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf is a Columbia News series in which professors discuss their recently published books, as well as what they have read recently and recommend, and who they would invite to the perfect dinner party.

Professor Bruce Usher offers a guide to investing in companies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor Thomas Christensen explores the international politics of the Cold War and U.S.-China relations in a new book.

Rebekah Diamond, a pediatrician and professor, provides guidance to parents on the right choices for their child's first year of life.

In “Greenhouse Planet,” plant biologist Lewis Ziska explores the ways in which increased carbon dioxide will affect all of us.

The new book, “Buried Beneath the City,” retells the story of New York's past from ancient indigenous tools to a Seneca Village teapot.

Professor Susan Hartman portrays the lives of newcomers to this country in her recently published book.

Professor Hilary Hallett turns the saga of pioneering writer-director Elinor Glyn into a subject of serious study.

In her new book, Professor Julie Stone Peters traces how theatrics and spectatorship contributed to a tradition of legal thought.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee’s “The Evening Hero” examines the life of a doctor forced to leave Korea to start again in America.

In her new book, Columbia Climate School Lecturer Lisa Dale provides key strategies at local and global scales.

In “Making Space for Justice,” Professor Michele Moody-Adams shows how such movements bridge the gap between political thought and activism.

The new book, A Friendship in Twilight, is the result.