Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf is a Columbia News series in which professors discuss their recently published books, as well as what they have read recently and recommend, and who they would invite to the perfect dinner party.

Jeannette Wing and Chris Wiggins are co-authors of a book on the promises and perils of the burgeoning field.

The School of the Arts Professor has published back-to-back works of fiction this fall.

Nights of Plague was well underway when COVID struck, but the pandemic influenced the book all the same.

Scenes of Subjection: Terror, Slavery, and Self-Making in Nineteenth-Century America is now revised and expanded, 25 years later.

Nicole Wallack and her co-editors have put together a book devoted to the time-honored writing form.

Helen Benedict presents the plight of people from the Middle East and Africa in her new book.

Professor Bruce Usher offers a guide to investing in companies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor Thomas Christensen explores the international politics of the Cold War and U.S.-China relations in a new book.

Rebekah Diamond, a pediatrician and professor, provides guidance to parents on the right choices for their child's first year of life.

In “Greenhouse Planet,” plant biologist Lewis Ziska explores the ways in which increased carbon dioxide will affect all of us.

The new book, “Buried Beneath the City,” retells the story of New York's past from ancient indigenous tools to a Seneca Village teapot.

Professor Susan Hartman portrays the lives of newcomers to this country in her recently published book.