Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf is a Columbia News series in which professors discuss their recently published books, as well as what they have read recently and recommend, and who they would invite to the perfect dinner party.

In his new book, Professor Reinhold Martin reveals how universities have created and controlled knowledge for the past two centuries.

Professor Hamid Dabashi's biography of Jalal Al-e Ahmad introduces him to a new audience.

A new book by Professor Kaiama Glover celebrates female protagonists who champion individual rights over community restraints.

A new book from President Lee C. Bollinger and Agnès Callamard examines how free speech is defined and upheld around the world.

Professor Dustin D. Stewart provides an updated look at the history of English poetry in his first book.

Rachel Adams honors a colleague by working on “Unexpected,” a book about motherhood, prenatal testing, and disability.

Khatchig Mouradian's new book discusses the role Armenians played in organizing humanitarian resistance against the destruction of their people.

Many Americans no longer believe that government works for them.

In a new volume, Professor Phillip Lopate gathers three centuries of American essays.

In a new book, Professor Manan Ahmed says that the subcontinent was once recognized as a more multicultural place than it is understood to be now.

In his new book, Professor Aaron Passell shows how community strategy and urban policy shaped Brooklyn and Baltimore.

A new book of essays explores the diversity and vibrancy of these singular gatherings.