Jonathan Kornberg sitting on a chair in front of a window with a view of Washington Heights

Photo by John Pinderhughes

Jonathan Kornberg's team works with professors to identify instructional needs and equip classrooms and labs with the latest communications technology.
“When faculty and graduate students come up with new scientific inventions... it’s our role to work with them and help bring those inventions into the market,” said Orin Herskowitz, CTV’s executive director.
futuristic looking dental medicine school

Photo by Jeff Goldberg

This is the new, state-of-the-art Center for Precision Dental Medicine, located on the fifth floor of the Vanderbilt Clinic on 168th Street, where the next generation of dentists is being trained.
Lee Bollinger
Today, Columbia provides a multidisciplinary platform for teaching, research and advocacy on the fundamental challenges facing a free press in a digital age.
A screen grab of the redesigned, featuring an image of the Jerome L. Greene Science Center on the Manhattanville campus
The Office of Communications and Public Affairs and CUIT spent the past year developing a new University homepage that meets modern web standards and more efficiently represents the Columbia brand online.
american flag memorial on lawn

Photo by Eileen Barroso

Experts on grief at the Columbia School of Social Work are collaborating with the Defense Department’s Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences on a mobile and web-based way to help those families cope.
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute organized a three-day conference that starts brings together cognitive scientists, neuroscientists and computer scientists. Kriegeskorte spoke with us about the event and his research.
Columbia University researchers have developed an extremely low-cost, low-maintenance, on-site dipstick test they hope will aid in the surveillance and early detection of fungal pathogens responsible for major human disease, agricultural damage and food spoilage worldwide.
Victor Lee

Victor Lee was rejected by Columbia twice—once when he applied to the College, and later by the University’s College of Dental Medicine— was before he accepted in 2013. But he says he’s glad it turned out that way.

A new study by the Milken Institute ranks Columbia University as number two in the country for commercializing science and technology emerging from university research labs.