In Brief

In Brief is a Columbia News series featuring faculty members' short op-ed pieces on current topics related to their academic research.

The ruling highlights a growing trend among the justices in which religious liberty supersedes other rights.

Scientists, public officials and citizens must work together to protect our shared waters.

Defying normal, young people from 10 countries demand to be part of the rebuilding process for a post-COVID world.

During the reopening of the economy, a testing and tracing strategy will likely prevent a second wave, but schools present a different situation. 

Overdoses may be on the rise. Finding ways to safely administer life-saving interventions during the coronavirus pandemic is crucial.

Frank Guridy, Wilmot James, and Charles V. Hamilton share their perspectives on the anti-Black violence that has led an angry public to protest.

Public protests are a form of free speech, and that is being challenged during our nation's current demonstrations against police violence.

American children are going hungry. Increasing access to SNAP benefits could help feed them.

The pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on New York's black and Latinx populations.

The words of the Prophet Mohammed can help Muslim societies answer urgent questions during the COVID-19 crisis.

During a pandemic, women across all socioeconomic backgrounds struggle to access period products, but it is especially challenging for those who ha

Business School Professor Stephan Meier’s research shows that financial strains only scratch the surface for Americans facing job loss.