In Brief

In Brief is a Columbia News series featuring faculty members' short op-ed pieces on current topics related to their academic research.

Research from Columbia University maps post-pandemic relief efforts for the news media and shines a light on a proposal from Australia.

Our country's infrastructure desperately needs our attention, and the Biden administration should prioritize four areas to help revitalize it.

Katy Glenn Bass discusses the Facebook antitrust case, its impact on freedom of speech, and what questions are still unanswered.

Recognize the loss of this year’s tradition and rituals and look for new ways to reset the holiday table.

Biden has gambled by forgoing face-to-face organizing due to the pandemic, relying instead on a virtual campaign to get out the vote.

A Columbia security expert explains why he has confidence in the voting system.

How will our wildly varied 50-state system of ballot collecting and counting impact when we find out the election results?

This was—and is—an important step in dismantling the “Doctrine of Discovery” that has always plagued the U.S. legal system.

We should focus on ads and news coverage about what each candidate would do if elected.

If the government won’t regulate funding and source disclosures, then tech companies should volunteer the information.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the United States postal service are not only unusual, they appear to be undemocratic.

The ruling highlights a growing trend among the justices in which religious liberty supersedes other rights.