In Brief

In Brief is a Columbia News series featuring faculty members' short op-ed pieces on current topics related to their academic research.

Recent violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders sadly has deep roots in the history of the United States.

The COVID pandemic exacerbated poverty in the United States, and the Biden administration should take significant steps to support those in need.

The COVID-19 pandemic requires multilateral solutions to contain the current virus and strengthen health systems for future outbreaks.

A study at Columbia University seeks to address heightened stress during the pandemic.

A federal program, like the WPA, can create new narratives for an evolving society more equitable and inclusive than those of the past or present.

Substantial change is long overdue in the United States, but the new administration can take these three steps to remedy past injustices.

Three goals for the Biden administration as it seeks to put science-based responses at the center of its policy initiatives.  

As climate change wreaks havoc on our planet, the federal government will need to grapple with perpetually increasing disasters.

Free speech has been under attack during the Trump administration.

Research from Columbia University maps post-pandemic relief efforts for the news media and shines a light on a proposal from Australia.

Our country's infrastructure desperately needs our attention, and the Biden administration should prioritize four areas to help revitalize it.

Katy Glenn Bass discusses the Facebook antitrust case, its impact on freedom of speech, and what questions are still unanswered.