Commencement 2019

Congratulations Graduates!

More than 17,000 students from Columbia’s 18 schools and affiliates are part of the class of 2019. They come from over 100 different countries, include 173 military veterans and range in age from a 19-year-old who earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science to a 78-year-old who will receive a master’s degree in Jewish studies. Here we highlight the achievements of just a few of these accomplished Columbians.

The Class of 2019

Iman Blow, still in uniform and with a sword in hand, celebrates a fencing victory.
Iman Blow

Columbia College

“I have my second Olympic trial [for fencing] in Shanghai and I get back the day before I graduate.”

Anna Bryan, headshot
Anna Bryan

Columbia College

“It’s so important to me that I give back to the community of older adults who have supported me so much throughout my life.”

Patrick Eby, number 63 on the Lions football team.
Photo by Mike McLaughlin
Patrick Eby

Columbia College

“Being a part of the resurgence of a perennially bad football team may be the best thing I will ever be a part of.”

Etoro Ekpe in a gray Columbia sweater and a stethoscope around her neck.
Etoro Ekpe

Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Mailman School of Public Health

"I'm interested in public health to understand patients more holistically. I want to learn how to improve the doctor-patient relationship.”

Madeleine Hamer
Madeleine Hamer

School of Nursing

"With the education I’ve received, I’m able to build meaningful relationships with patients, and, in the next breath, effectively communicate complex ideas to other members of the care team.

Tara Heidger in a polka dot blouse and black blazer, standing on College Walk.
Tara Rae Heidger

School of International and Public Affairs,
Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation

“I’m part of an incredible network of veterans who are passionate, and not willing to rest on their last accomplishment.”

Cecley Hill sits at a desk working on her print designs.
Cecley Hill

Columbia College

“The fact that I was able to combine architecture and dance but then still do a science study abroad program... is something that I don't think I could have done anywhere else.”

Jyotirmoy Mandal in a red polo standing in front of computer parts.
Jyotirmoy Mandal

Columbia Engineering

“I hope to build low-cost optical components for next-generation cameras and imaging systems.”

Sun Ming Jessica Pan in a black dress and scarf in front of a gray backdrop.
Sun Ming Jessica Pan

Mailman School of Public Health

“I want to use research and patient stories to influence policy on a variety of issues, including gun violence.”

Sang Jun Park
Sang Jun Park

Columbia Engineering

"What makes New York City special is that it isn’t just tech, like in San Francisco or Seattle, but tech and fashion, tech and news, tech and healthcare, tech and government."

Brian Ruiz in a navy blue suit and tie, standing on a green lawn in front of Butler Library.
Brian Ruiz

Mailman School of Public Health

“An Ivy league college was never on my radar. Given my background, I didn’t think it was something I could achieve.”

Kara Schechtman
Kara Schechtman

Columbia College

"English taught me to be really attentive to the way other people are communicating. That sort of necessitates the growth of empathy and the ability to think across to another person's mind, whether that's somebody's mind from 2,000 years ago or from 2,000 miles away."

Rachel Ticotin wearing a forest green jacket and holds a black purse.
Rachel Ticotin

School of General Studies

“Just being in the room with these incredible professors, inspiring their students to think differently, is exciting.”

Mary Waldorf in a gray blazer, holding up blueprints.
Mary Waldorf

School of International and Public Affairs

"I know what goes into Commencement... and I feel celebrated as a student, a graduate."

Sondra Woodruff smiling, wearing a dark green jacket and a backpack.
Sondra Woodruff

School of General Studies

“Being at Columbia showed me that music doesn’t just have to be about playing an instrument; I can use it in so many different ways in life.”