Social Justice

This page features news and research related to social justice topics at Columbia University.

The 2020 Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity have been selected from across the United States and South Africa and they will join a transnational ne

The Justice Lab’s Vincent Schiraldi talks to Columbia News about the center’s work that is featured in a new Human Rights Watch and ACLU report.

As part of an ongoing series, Columbia scholars Christopher L.

Van Jones and Michael Nutter engage in a lively discussion at this year’s David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at SIPA.

The pilot project documented more than 100 local efforts to redress historical racist incidents along the Atlantic Coast from Delaware to Florida.

Overdoses may be on the rise. Finding ways to safely administer life-saving interventions during the coronavirus pandemic is crucial.

Frank Guridy, Wilmot James, and Charles V. Hamilton share their perspectives on the anti-Black violence that has led an angry public to protest.

Columbia's Freedom and Citizenship program is now accepting applications from rising juniors.

New York City-born rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist helped launch the Shawn "JAY-Z" Carter Lecture Series in the Department of A

The series kicked off with a wide-ranging conversation between the legendary artist and journalism professor Jelani Cobb.

An expanded poverty tracking survey will now look at early childhood poverty and the experiences of Asian-American New Yorkers.

Michael Friedman, an adjunct professor at Columbia University's School of Social Work, along with Camille Alleyne, a recent graduate of the school,