Social Justice

This page features news and research related to social justice topics at Columbia University.

A Columbia University documentary project aids a Yale professor in exploring how white men think about their identity.

Criminal justice initiatives started decades ago aim to create a campus-wide interdisciplinary effort to reduce mass incarceration and to support c

Selected from across the United States and South Africa, the 2019 Atlantic Fellows will join a transnational network of leaders working to challeng

Columbia's Desmond Patton says law enforcement officials should analyze social media posts about grief and stress to prevent violent crime among yo

George Chauncey, the De Witt Clinton Professor of American History, recounts the history of protests against the rule that kept bars from serving h

For nearly four years, Richard Roderick has been at Columbia.

Courtney Cogburn, an assistant professor at Columbia’s School of Social Work, created a 12-minute virtual reality film, 1000 Cut Journey,

Alice Kessler-Harris set about amplifying the historical record of women through new methods of research.

You might not think that civil rights and graphic novels go together, but Georgia Congressman John Lewis has turned to the popular literary form to