Office Hours

Office Hours is a Columbia News series dedicated to the compelling research that faculty are engaged in both in and beyond the classroom.

Julia Bryan-Wilson's academic interests grew out of a political commitment to finding alternative articulations for marginalized subjects.

Bogdan George Apetri juggles teaching and making movies, and offers advice to budding auteurs.

Professor Giorgi shares how she showed that black holes are stable, and how a discovery as a Columbia student charted her professional “destiny.”

Catherine Fennell’s current project about public housing in the Midwest has received a faculty grant from the Office of the Provost.

Music Professor Kevin Fellezs embraces everything from contemporary jazz to Hawaiian slack guitar and ethnomusicology.

In his first semester teaching at Columbia, Marcos Balter encourages his students to embrace change and curiosity.

Dean Sarah Cole is enthusiastic about the state of things in the humanities division she oversees within the faculty of arts and sciences.

Professor Naeem Mohaiemen combines video, film, photography, drawing, writing, and research to answer questions.

Mario Luis Small talks about growing up in Panama and how his perspective has contributed to his path-breaking research.

Ali Hirsa, a financial engineering professor, mines data to design an algorithmic model for works of art.

Sandra Black works on research to help society understand how to make the United States the land of opportunity for everyone, not just some.

Historian Anupama Rao thinks about identity and difference, equality and exclusion, through the caste system.