Research and Discovery

woman bungee jumping, diving in the air off a tall tree
Why You Should Try Something New Everyday

Research from the lab of Joseph Gogos, MD, PhD, Professor of Physiology, Cellular Biophysics and Neuroscience; Principal Investigator at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute suggests that animals improve their ability to adapt the more they encounter new places and new faces.

Health, Medicine and Wellness

Blue circles of COVID virus cells
Evolving Virus May Escape Current Vaccines, Treatments
A new Columbia study suggests current vaccines and monoclonal antibody therapies provide less neutralizing activity against the UK and South Africa variants of SARS-CoV-2.
four graphs with different colored lines showing autism incidence (blue, gold, green and pink)
Who is Diagnosed With Autism May Be Changing

A long-term study in California found socially disadvantaged children and those from diverse ethnic groups diagnosed at increasing rates, suggesting improved access to services for families with fewer resources.

bottom half of two boeyes; one is white coat doctor writing on pad, the other is older female patient.
Delirium May Cause Long-Term Cognitive Decline

This rapid change in brain function is also linked to longer, more expensive hospital stays and increased mortality.

Neuroscience and Psychology

How do Proteins Turn Toxic in the Brain?

Imaging technology can reveal the molecular that build up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Alzheimer's: New Gene May Drive Earliest Brain Changes

The finding could lead to new therapies that prevent Alzheimer’s and better ways of identifying people with the greatest risk.


3D Videos Reveal How the Nose Detects Odor Combinations

A study in mice provides a glimpse of how special cells in the nose help the brain to distinguish a near-infinite combinations of scents.

Earth, Climate and Environmental Science

Green circles of algae
Yes, These Flesh-Eating Algae Are Real. And They Like Their Prey Alive.

New research suggests green algae consume live bacteria on a scale previously unsuspected.

red stony sand and black workers sitting on the rocks
How to Limit Arsenic Contamination from Mines

A new study sheds light impacts of treatment procedures, particularly in areas vulnerable to increased climate variability.

blue sky and ice-covered mountains atop greenish water
Unusually Clear Skies to Blame for Record Loss of Greenland Ice

The ice sheet shrunk by hundreds of billions of tons last year, not just because of warm temperatures. Atmospheric circulation patterns also contributed to the rapid loss of mass.

Science, Technology and Engineering

concentric orange and yellow circles shining brightly with purple line through center
Could We Harness Energy From Black Holes?

A new Columbia study indicates energy can be extracted from black holes through reconnection of magnetic field lines.

pink, green, blue winding strings around grey circles and yellow balls
Harnessing Quantum Properties to Create Single-Molecule Device

A new chemical design principle for exploiting quantum interference could enable faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient devices.

diagram with blue and orange tube of water surrounded by orange and grey circles
Molecules that Shut Down SARS-Cov-2 Polymerase Reaction

A library of molecules with unique features inhibit the novel coronavirus polymerase, a drug target for COVID-19.