Research and Discovery

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DNA-programmable assembly of 3D-ordered materials from functional nanoparticles. Illustration: Oleg Gang
A New Era in Materials Science

Materials science is on the verge of a transformative leap that will alter the entire creation cycle. Increased computing power and modeling coupled with breakthroughs in AI and machine learning have dramatically enhanced data analysis of experimental research. Above, DNA-programmable assembly of 3D-ordered materials from functional nanoparticles. Illustration: Oleg Gang

Health, Medicine and Wellness

Two women sitting from neck down, the younger holding elderly person's hand while she holds a white cup.
Nursing Profession Is Reshaping Palliative Care

With the rising incidence of chronic illness, palliative approaches are increasingly used for patients whose deaths may be years away.

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Drugs to Stop Nearsightedness May Soon Come into Focus

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have identified 900 genes linked to nearsightedness that could be targeted stop the progression of myopia.


white older man with grey hair cupping his ear to hear
Link Between Hearing and Cognition Begins Earlier Than Once Thought

A study finds that cognitive impairment begins in the earliest stages of hearing loss, when hearing is still considered normal.

Neuroscience and Psychology

Artist Sarah Sze on Working With Neuroscientists

The artist-in-residence program at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute gives visual artists time to forge interactions with scientists working on the brain, the senses, perception, learning and memory. 

Columbia Scientists Reverse Core Symptoms of Schizophrenia in Mice

Findings reveal potential new strategy for treating people diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Scientists Identify Brain Region That Enables Young Songbirds to Change Their Tune

Columbia study demonstrates unmatched flexibility of the growing brain; offers insight into children’s remarkable ability to learn language

Earth, Climate and Environmental Science

man and woman walking in snow on a campus, his arm around her
It’s Snowing … Microplastics

Researchers at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory are recruiting citizens to help collect and analyze pollution from plastics in New York State’s precipitation.

grey and green pipes on construction site with brown wood plants
Newark’s Lead-Water Crisis Is a National Problem

As the city takes steps to overhaul its water supply network, government and industry must follow suit.


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Hurricane Sandy May Have Worsened Gentrification in Brooklyn and Queens

An Earth Institute study found evidence of land speculation in some of the neighborhoods hardest hit hardest by the storm.

Science, Technology and Engineering

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Quantum Leap

Columbia has launched the Max Planck-New York City Center for Nonequilibrium Quantum Phenomena in partnership with the Flatiron Institute and the Max Planck Society.

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New Theory for How Black Holes and Neutron Stars Shine

Researchers suggest radiation is powered by turbulence and reconnection of magnetic strong fields.

clear plastic droppers from ceiling into clear bowls with three male scientists talking Two men have glasses, all have beards
An Unlikely Match: Bacteria + Immunotherapy

When it comes to having a successful research collaboration, human chemistry is equally as important as the science itself.