Research and Discovery

Are We Ready for Designer Babies?

Columbia psychiatrist and ethicist Robert Klitzman addresses the quandaries we face over the changing ways we create children.

Health, Medicine and Wellness

red bellied mosquito with brown head and brown tentacles
How Worried Should We Be About a Rare, But Potentially Deadly Mosquito Virus?

While the rate of Eastern Equine Encephalitis is unusually high this year, more worrisome is the link to a warming climate and what it could signal for the future.

grey haired woman sitting on bench in front of lake under fall tree, only see her backside
Older Adults Face an Epidemic of Loneliness

Research shows that lonely seniors are more likely than to be sick and die prematurely. By one estimate, loneliness can be as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes.

latex gloved hand holds red heart shaped kidney
Many Who Die Waiting for a Kidney Had Multiple Offers

A study finds organs were declined by transplant teams and transplanted in patients lower on the waitlist.

Neuroscience and Psychology

Columbia Scientists Reverse Core Symptoms of Schizophrenia in Mice

Findings reveal potential new strategy for treating people diagnosed with schizophrenia.

New 3D Microscope Illuminates Biology at the Speed of Life

SCAPE 2.0 can reveal previously unseen details of living creatures critical to advancing science and medicine.

Scientists Identify Brain Region That Enables Young Songbirds to Change Their Tune

Columbia study demonstrates unmatched flexibility of the growing brain; offers insight into children’s remarkable ability to learn language

Earth, Climate and Environmental Science

large white sign asking for help next to yellow house with white van in front
Hurricane Sandy May Have Worsened Gentrification in Brooklyn and Queens

An Earth Institute study found evidence of land speculation in some of the neighborhoods hardest hit hardest by the storm.

blue icy sea with backpacker in blue and green jacket and cap
Economists Are Downplaying Major Climate Risks

A new report warns that top-level policymakers have been receiving assessments of future climate-change impacts that largely omit some of the biggest physical risks.

A green plant with delicate pink buds that thrives only in the Colombian Andes and is classified as vulnerable
Plants of the Tropical Andes Are Under Threat
A new book catalogs hundreds of species in danger from causes that include deforestation, fires and climate change.

Science, Technology and Engineering

clear plastic droppers from ceiling into clear bowls with three male scientists talking Two men have glasses, all have beards
An Unlikely Match: Bacteria + Immunotherapy

When it comes to having a successful research collaboration, human chemistry is equally as important as the science itself.

circular light blue and red dots on top of striped blue disk
Columbia Receives $2M in Federal Push to Advance Quantum Research

Team's project to stabilize atomic excitation could drive new applications and devices.

black background with diagonal blue line on top a white moon rests
An Explanation for the Mysterious Dimming of Tabby's Star?

A new study suggests that a shredding exomoon may be blocking its light and making the star appear to gradually fade.