Research and Discovery

male bicyclist with grey mask and grey and red helmet and tank top riding on city street
Staying Safe in the Summer of COVID-19

With New York City fast approaching Phase 3 of reopening, now is a great time to learn more about what measures you can take to keep you and your family healthy this summer.

Health, Medicine and Wellness

graphic of female nurse in white by grey socially distanced from patient in waiting room and patient at a clinician's desk in office
Don’t Delay Returning for Medical Care

Clinical practices are taking measures to keep patients and providers safe.

bottom half of two boeyes; one is white coat doctor writing on pad, the other is older female patient.
Delirium May Cause Long-Term Cognitive Decline

This rapid change in brain function is also linked to longer, more expensive hospital stays and increased mortality.

arm with white glove holding bottle next to clear plastic tubes, and another arm with green glove reaches from the other side
Proning COVID-19 Patients Reduces Need for Ventilators

Patients positioned in a facedown, prone position while awake and supplied with oxygen were less likely to need intubation and ventilation.

Neuroscience and Psychology

Alzheimer's: New Gene May Drive Earliest Brain Changes

The finding could lead to new therapies that prevent Alzheimer’s and better ways of identifying people with the greatest risk of developing the disease.


3D Videos Reveal How the Nose Detects Odor Combinations

A study in mice provides a glimpse of how special cells in the nose help the brain to distinguish a near-infinite combinations of scents.

Toxic Protein, Linked to Alzheimer’s, Exposed in New Detail

A Columbia-led team has identified promising targets for diagnosing and treating neurodegenerative diseases.

Earth, Climate and Environmental Science

green island like map connoting water surrounded by brown land
Shrinking Snowcaps Fuel Harmful Algal Blooms in Arabian Sea

A climate-driven shift Is disrupting fisheries and desalination plants, problems that may hit other regions.

Blue skies atop NYC skyline of brick buildings silver skyscrapers
Project Takes A New Approach to Gauging New York City's Emissions

The city releases about 50 million tons of carbon a year, but until now no one has actually measured it. A new project is trying to change that.

blue sky and ice-covered mountains atop greenish water
Unusually Clear Skies to Blame for Record Loss of Greenland Ice

The ice sheet shrunk by hundreds of billions of tons last year, not just because of warm temperatures. Atmospheric circulation patterns also contributed to the rapid loss of mass.

Science, Technology and Engineering

diagram with blue and orange tube of water surrounded by orange and grey circles
Molecules that Shut Down SARS-Cov-2 Polymerase Reaction

A library of molecules with unique features inhibit the novel coronavirus polymerase, a drug target for COVID-19.

dark blue sky with stars and small figurine of man on top of earth surrounded by yellow glow
Study Estimates the Odds of Life Beyond Our Planet

Astronomer David Kipping uses Bayesian statistics to shed light on the probability of life and intelligence in alien worlds.

silver pipes with blue, gold and green watch link cylinder at center
Columbia to Build Upgrades for Large Hadron Collider

The five-year project is supported by a $75 million grant from the National Science Foundation.