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Health, Medicine and Wellness

Black background with white figure floating - resembling an infant
After Stillbirth, New Genetic Analyses May Give Parents Answers

Researchers have uncovered an array of new genes that cause stillbirth, increasing the understanding of the genetic foundations of this common, but little studied, condition.

graphic of female nurse in white by grey socially distanced from patient in waiting room and patient at a clinician's desk in office
Don’t Delay Returning for Medical Care

Clinical practices are taking measures to keep patients and providers safe.

bottom half of two boeyes; one is white coat doctor writing on pad, the other is older female patient.
Delirium May Cause Long-Term Cognitive Decline

This rapid change in brain function is also linked to longer, more expensive hospital stays and increased mortality.

Neuroscience and Psychology

Why Are Memories Attached to Emotions So Strong?

Multiple neurons in the brain must fire in synchrony to create strong "emotional" memories.

Alzheimer's: New Gene May Drive Earliest Brain Changes

The finding could lead to new therapies that prevent Alzheimer’s and better ways of identifying people with the greatest risk of developing the disease.


3D Videos Reveal How the Nose Detects Odor Combinations

A study in mice provides a glimpse of how special cells in the nose help the brain to distinguish a near-infinite combinations of scents.

Earth, Climate and Environmental Science

blond boy with red shirt and plaid shorts crouches on beach next to shore and water
Children Exposed to Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Suffered Physical and Mental Health Effects

The study found that one-third of parents reported that children exposed to the Gulf Coast spill had mental health issues.

Burning trees in orange flames with shadow of person walking away
Rethinking Readiness: A Brief Guide to 21st-Century Megadisasters

Jeffrey Schlegelmilch explores the menaces that could change not just lives or communities, but entire societies in an upcoming book.

blue sky and ice-covered mountains atop greenish water
Unusually Clear Skies to Blame for Record Loss of Greenland Ice

The ice sheet shrunk by hundreds of billions of tons last year, not just because of warm temperatures. Atmospheric circulation patterns also contributed to the rapid loss of mass.

Science, Technology and Engineering

diagram with blue and orange tube of water surrounded by orange and grey circles
Molecules that Shut Down SARS-Cov-2 Polymerase Reaction

A library of molecules with unique features inhibit the novel coronavirus polymerase, a drug target for COVID-19.

dark blue sky with stars and small figurine of man on top of earth surrounded by yellow glow
Study Estimates the Odds of Life Beyond Our Planet

Astronomer David Kipping uses Bayesian statistics to shed light on the probability of life and intelligence in alien worlds.

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Columbia to Build Upgrades for Large Hadron Collider

The five-year project is supported by a $75 million grant from the National Science Foundation.