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The Rise of Political Misinformation and How We Can Combat Its Influence

At a recent panel hosted by SPS' Strategic Communication and Political Analytics graduate programs, a key question was considered: What is the difference between misinformation and disinformation?

Recent News

With Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton at the helm, the Institute of Global Politics will be based out of SIPA.

On September 6, Columbia World Projects announced a cohort of 12 emerging leaders from across the globe who will undertake a residency.

Kimberly Marten, one of the world’s leading experts on the Wagner Group, discusses the death of Yevgeny Prigozhin, what it means for Russia.

Columbia hosted a panel discussion and reception to celebrate the release of the first transcripts from the groundbreaking oral history project.

The Senate finally approved the bipartisan debt limit bill, averting a debt default.

The first set of transcripts from the Obama Presidency Oral History will be released today.

Brenda Jones Harden shares her journey from working in New York City's child welfare system to becoming a researcher and professor of social work.

The Institute for the Study of Human Rights recently hosted a reception to welcome the latest Human Rights Advocates Program cohort.

In her book, "Violent Victors," political scientist Sarah Z. Daly delves into why aggressors in civil conflicts are rewarded at the ballot box.

A senior attorney at the Knight Institute explains why they filed the lawsuit and what's at stake for free speech.

The Great Polarization lays out the issue in stark terms, and outlines potential ways forward.

How did the political situation in Peru escalate to violence? A political scientist unpacks why the country is in turmoil today.