This page features news and research related to topics on economics at Columbia University.

Membership in the academy is considered one of the highest honors a scientist can receive.

Columbia University faculty members pay tribute to the late Nobel Laureate and Princeton professor emeritus.

Business School research reveals that economic hardships experienced in formative years can impact attitudes toward immigration and government redi

They were recognized for their contributions in economics, mathematics, and engineering.

Sarah Wang has done everything from cheerleading to studying economics and mathematics during her time at Columbia.

The Senate finally approved the bipartisan debt limit bill, averting a debt default.

The Great Polarization lays out the issue in stark terms, and outlines potential ways forward.

The center will draw faculty from across the university to reimagine an economy that is fairer and more inclusive.

Sandra Black works on research to help society understand how to make the United States the land of opportunity for everyone, not just some.

The economic forecast is gloomy and confusing. Faculty members and researchers offer analysis and advice.

As the decision of the Fed to raise interest rates captured news headlines today, it is crucial to ask if it has taken on too much responsibility. 

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