Your Columbia Student Starter Pack 2022

Your Columbia Student Starter Pack

Whether you're arriving at Columbia for your first semester or have been here for many years, we could all use a little inspiration to make the Columbia experience the very best it can be. That means getting to know our campuses, services, traditions, and even New York City itself. After all, that's one of the best things about Columbia...getting to experience the campus and the city. 

Please consider this Back-to-School Starter Pack a *virtual orientation kit* from a knowledgeable new friend. Below, you'll find everything from trivia and #lifehacks to how-tos, who-to-follows, tours, and discounts.

Have more questions you'd like answered about the ins and outs of the Columbia experience? Email [email protected]. We'll get right on it!

And in the meantime, don't forget to bookmark these information hubs on COVID-19 policiesemergency preparedness procedures, dining hall hours and menus, and library hours too. 

Bottom-line advice: There are a plethora of ways to spend a fantastic day in NYC for under $20. We have 23 itineraries to prove it. 

Deals and Discounts

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Arts Initiative

Free and discounted tickets to performances, museums, and movies from Broadway to Carnegie Hall. 

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NYC Destinations

City Guide compiles the list of perks a student ID can get you in New York City. 

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The University Network

The University Network (TUN) is an online database that connects students to merchants offering student discounts. You can use their interactive map to find discounts close to you. 

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CUIT Discounts

CUIT has negotiated discount arrangements with Apple, Dell, and other vendors on behalf of the Columbia community.

Bottom-line advice: “Don't worry too much about grades. It's important to do well academically, but that's not all. Go out and experience the rich cultures around you. Go out and meet people. Start a conversation at a local coffee shop. Be adventurous.” — Eunice Kim, GS’19

More resources

Join the Fun at Welcome Home Columbia

The Office of University Life invites you to Welcome Home Columbia, a series of events from September 6-16 that are open to all students across all schools and campuses. Welcome Home Columbia is an opportunity to connect with other students and resources as the academic year begins.

Here are three marquee events that you should add to your calendar today.