Columbia Journalism School announced the latest winners of the Maria Moors Cabot Prize for journalists over their careers for outstanding reporting on the Americas.

Coronavirus revealed the unprecedented and overdue need to further refine care delivery, re-evaluate hospital policies and protocols, and overhaul traditional workforce hierarchies.  

The move came after outcry from colleges, universities, students, and other educational organizations.

Alexander Cooley talks about his new book Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order, which examines the evolution of the American international system since the end of World War II to Donald Trump's presidency.

The news of the last several months has prompted the duPont-Columbia University Awards to extend its deadline for submissions. 

The Columbia Climate School will provide the education, research and global partnerships needed to create and maintain a sustainable society.

Issues of inequity in the classroom—such as access to the Internet and private spaces, as well as the demands of caring for family members, or, in the worst cases, grieving for them—were dramatically magnified during the COVID crisis,  

The ruling highlights a growing trend among the justices in which religious liberty supersedes other rights.

University can invite up to 60 percent of undergraduates in Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to live on campus this fall.

At the end of July, Dana Canedy will step down as administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes.

While no artist is likely to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, they use memory and imagination, their common sense and critical thinking, to undermine the gullibility and denial endemic to American culture in times of crisis.

Professor David Klass’ new novel, Out of Time, is his 20th book.

Scientists, public officials and citizens must work together to protect our shared waters.

The pandemic has shown, and will continue to show, how important the humanities are to the major questions a society must ask during a time like this.

Students volunteering to support our health system, its workforce and patients, is an inspiration and will, hopefully, lead to meaningful change beyond the pandemic.