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Lenfest Distinguished Faculty Awardees, American Philosophical Society Members, and More

From science to engineering, writing to social sciences, here are the Columbians who received awards recently.

Counterintuitively, seas were rising around Greenland as it went through a cold period centuries ago.

Columbia engineers have designed a robot hand that uses sensing technology and machine-learning techniques to manipulate objects.

From science to engineering, writing to social sciences, here are the Columbians who received awards recently.

Students in a Mailman School of Public Health course offered input on a policy proposal that is now the basis of the Smart Sentencing Adjustments Act that was introduced this week by Senator Booker and Representative Cárdenas.

From fiction to nonfiction, history to polemics, it's all here in these volumes.

A study of U.S. adults found that those who attended higher-quality high schools had better cognitive function decades later.

With Commencement, class days, and general graduation festivities around the corner, here's who we expect to speak to our graduates in celebration of their accomplishments.

The AI Institute for ARtificial and Natural Intelligence (ARNI) will ignite advances in AI and neuroscience.

New research outlines a revolutionary approach for vulnerable populations to more easily receive welfare benefits. 

The school is using a multi-pronged approach to build a stronger mental health safety net.

Columbia University today announced the 2023 Pulitzer Prizes, awarded on the recommendation of the Pulitzer Prize Board.

The University Senate passed a unanimous resolution designating Juneteenth as an official University Holiday for this year and moving forward. 

Cannabis use also puts teens at risk for poor grades, truancy, and trouble with the law, a new study found.

A new study addresses the question of whether people with both HIV and mpox would have worse treatment outcomes.

Commencement preparation has been in full swing for the past few weeks across Columbia's campuses and beyond. 

A new paper on superb starlings offers new data and insight on why they form social groups with non-relatives.

Columbia researchers have engineered bacteria to record their environment and then used deep learning to decode the patterns.

Columbia announces COVID-19 guidance at official conclusion of the national public health emergency.

Plus, here's some advice for future Columbians.

The grant will bolster the Simons Observatory’s ability to gather data on black holes, gravitational waves, and exploding stars.

The event focused on opportunities and threats to the supply chain posed by microelectronics and artificial intelligence.

At a recent event, Columbia Law's Amal Clooney and Natia Navrouzov (LAW'23) discussed their quest for justice for the Yazidi community in Iraq.

From science to engineering, writing to social sciences, here are the Columbians who received awards recently.

President Bollinger offered 10 pieces of advice to the newly minted graduates.

It was a perfect day in May to celebrate the Class of 2023.

Adolescent vapers are much more likely to use cannabis and binge drink.

As President Bollinger ends his tenure at the University, he leaves behind a roadmap that emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

David Hellerstein covers everything from psychoanalysis to the DSM diagnostic manual and neuroscience.

Columbia+ serves as a one-stop hub for access to non-degree courses, events, and podcasts from across Columbia’s campuses and Global Centers.

A new study shows that the 1987 treaty to protect the ozone has delayed an anticipated climate change milestone by up to 15 years.

New research shows that several distinct sets of nerve cells allow flexible decision-making for innate behaviors like laying eggs.

A SIPA professor discusses how her experience growing up in a poor community in Japan fostered her interest in political economy and social welfare.

Columbia Journalism School recently hosted an event to discuss the importance of Asian perspectives in news reporting.

Daly, GSAS’ 47, was the first Black woman to earn a PhD in chemistry in the United States.

Galia Solomonoff and her Housing Lab team researched everything from Governor Hochul’s housing compact to reimagining the shelter system.

Very few large-scale, randomized trials of the effects of vitamins or dietary supplements have been done until now.

Sylvester Benson’s student group has written letters of support to hospital patients, individuals in prison, and fellow students.

President Bollinger announces that he, in close consultation with incoming University President Minouche Shafik, is appointing Jeffrey Shaman as Interim Dean of the Columbia Climate School. 

The semester may have ended, but that doesn't mean things are slowing down at Columbia. Test your knowledge of the latest news stories across the University!

The first set of transcripts from the Obama Presidency Oral History will be released today.

From science to engineering, writing to social sciences, here are the Columbians who received awards recently.

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