A joint initiative between GSAPP’s Center for Spatial Research and Yale’s Global Health Justice Partnership redefines what constitutes a community in need in the COVID era.

Columbia stands ready to do its part, "just as we would with any new administration from within the traditions or our democracy." 

A GSAPP student relishes the opportunity presented by the pandemic to become reacquainted with his hometown.

In wide-ranging remarks, Columbia’s president gives a nod to the importance of expertise and the role of the University in providing a path forward for society and the world.

Columbia School of Social Work’s Courtney Cogburn spoke with the author about his book, what it means to be antiracist, and the role of universities in helping to combat racism.

School of the Arts Dean Carol Becker explores the idea of experimental preservation with Jorge Otero-Pailos and Sam Van Aken.

A group from the Law School traveled to Philadelphia on Election Day to serve as poll observers. 

Wearing is Caring, a PR campaign that breaks down the science behind how face coverings can combat coronavirus, has reached more than 1 million people via social media.

Professor Jack Halberstam provides another way of looking at queerness and queer bodies in a new book.

A new GSAPP book examines the discipline’s role in the legacies of racialized coercion in the United States.

What does a relationship between an American woman and her Italian military husband tell us about the pervasiveness of fascism under Mussolini?

Biden has gambled by forgoing face-to-face organizing due to the pandemic, relying instead on a virtual campaign to get out the vote. Our new study suggests his gamble will pay off.

President Bollinger moderates an online panel with Kimberlé W. Crenshaw, Eric Foner, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. that focuses on how the post-Civil War period connects to contemporary U.S. politics.

A Columbia security expert explains why he has confidence in the voting system.

How will our wildly varied 50-state system of ballot collecting and counting impact when we find out the election results?