Research from Columbia University maps post-pandemic relief efforts for the news media and shines a light on a proposal from Australia.

Our country's infrastructure desperately needs our attention, and the Biden administration should prioritize four areas to help revitalize it.

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A novel technique developed by Columbia researchers known as NeuroPAL helps tease out the dynamics of neural networks in the nervous system of microscopic worms.

For many students, a remote college experience has fostered resilience, while others continue to struggle.

This recent descent of the Republic into the present abyss will force us to question whether fundamental structures of our political system—structures designed to avoid this very outcome—have failed the test of time and need to be revised and reformed.

A Columbia-Trinity College Dublin junior enjoys cycling to the sea and keeping up with her classmates in New York.

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Professor Stephen Murray celebrates the construction and enduring relevance of Notre-Dame of Amiens in his new book.

Katy Glenn Bass from Columbia's Knight First Amendment Institute discusses the Facebook antitrust case, its impact on freedom of speech, and what questions are still unanswered. 

A trans-Atlantic dialogue on the European Green Deal, climate diplomacy, and the impact of youth activist movements on shaping public policy.