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This page highlights the astonishing amount of research happening across Columbia, one of the world’s leading research universities. 

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How Should Communities Adapt to the Changing Climate?

A new database offers communities, leaders, and researchers unprecedented access to climate data and cutting-edge models.



New research shows that the birds memorize the location of food using brain cell activity akin to a barcode.

Columbia engineers have built a robot that uses AI to anticipate a person’s smile before they actually smile, a major advance.

The tool could help scientists fight cancer by improving their understanding of tissue development, function, and disease.

Emanuil Yanev talks about his PhD work modifying 2D materials to push their light-producing limits.

The finding could help fill critical gaps between quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theories, solving a major dilemma in physics.

Columbia researchers can now detect AI-generated content without accessing AI's architecture, algorithms, or training data.

Through an ARPA-H grant, Columbia researchers will aim to build a living replacement knee to be tested within five years.

A new survey of the skin’s primary sensory neurons has upended old assumptions.

Timely guidance can empower patients to advocate for their health throughout life, according to new Columbia research.

Courtney Jimenez, a psychology PhD student, is building experiments that explore how social our time spent alone is.

Business School research reveals that economic hardships experienced in formative years can impact attitudes toward immigration and government redi

Columbia stem cell scientists have a new theory.