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This page highlights the astonishing amount of research happening across Columbia, one of the world’s leading research universities. 

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Even Fish Societies Show Signs of Social Control and Nepotism

Cichlid fish largely ignore biological relatives who shirk responsibility while punishing non-family members who act the same way.



Kailani Acosta is curating an exhibition that explores how geology, history, and culture intersect and influence each other.

Many bacteria form an antibiotic-resistant slime. Research detailing that slime's structure could help lead to new treatments.

Until now little was known about the use of cannabis among youth and its relationship with asthma. 

Richard Hagen is the new full-time director of the Bridge to the PhD program in STEM.

Data from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope suggests that many early galaxies were long and thin, not disk-like or spherical.

In a new paper, Roy’s team outlines the unusual quantum behavior of a new material they created, cerium silicon iodide.

New research presents a roadmap for researchers and policymakers to produce more effective misinformation countermeasures.

New research found that small declines in blood lead levels were associated with long-term cardiovascular health improvements.

The data release kicks off an astronomy partnership with the Michele and David Mittelman Family Foundation.

Columbia engineers have built a new AI tool that shatters a long-held belief in forensics.

Beqaj will graduate this spring with both a medical degree and a master’s in biomedical sciences.

A new research technique zeroes in on the little-explored world of nanoplastics, which can pass into blood, cells, and the brain.