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This page highlights the astonishing amount of research happening across Columbia, one of the world’s leading research universities. 

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Study Finds New Inhalable Therapy is a Big Step Forward in Lung Cancer Research

The Columbia engineers who developed the new technique are working with campus oncologists to bring their work to patients.


Columbia researchers led the first large scale and representative survey of postpartum health ever conducted in the U.S.

The paper says that current mainstream warming estimates are too low.

David Helfand explores this question and many others in The Universal Timekeepers.

Rapidly intensifying hurricanes are hard to predict. Research suggests that climate change may be making them more frequent.

Research suggests the tax credit may have a negative affect on mental health for some single adults without dependent children. 

Columbia Health’s Senior Vice President, Melanie Bernitz, outlines what to know about COVID-19 and flu treatment and prevention.

Matthew Connelly, who runs Columbia’s History Lab, researches the answer to that and other questions about U.S. government records.

Chemotherapy is essential for many cancer patients, but some suffer from cognitive impairment throughout treatment.

Rafael Yuste provides a unified framework for how the brain functions in “Lectures in Neuroscience.”

Neurobiologist Margaret Haney, director of Columbia’s Cannabis Research Laboratory, lays out the perils and promise of pot.

After just six weeks of shortened sleep, a study found, the cells that line our blood vessels are flooded by damaging oxidants.

Synthetic biologists at Columbia Engineering have discovered a new way to attack tumors.