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Newly Found Genetic Variant Defends Against Alzheimer’s Disease

The discovery could lead to new types of drugs to prevent and treat the disease.



Students volunteering to support our health system, its workforce and patients, is an inspiration and will, hopefully, lead to meaningful change be

The pilot project documented more than 100 local efforts to redress historical racist incidents along the Atlantic Coast from Delaware to Florida.

Dmitri Basov will use the award to develop experimental techniques that could lead to revolutionary applications in electronics, computing energy t

Responses will allow researchers to understand the impact on those most directly affected by the crisis and learn how to best address their needs.

Dmitri Basov, Angela M. Christiano, Andrew Millis, Molly Przeworski and Lorraine S.

A multidisciplinary team of researchers and scientists at Columbia University will combine their efforts to address the opioid and substance use cr

This mysterious, respiratory illness, related to the coronavirus that caused SARS, has fueled fears of a global pandemic.

An expanded poverty tracking survey will now look at early childhood poverty and the experiences of Asian-American New Yorkers.

Columbia faculty and researchers are working with local communities in New York State to dramatically reduce opioid-related deaths.

Forty years later, a Columbia professor shares what he learned from a high-profile experiment in which he tried to teach a chimp human language.

The ability to monitor deforestation and fires from satellite is now routine. Political will is the main ingredient.

I spent two months with 30 scientists in the Southern Ocean, collecting sediments from the seafloor that may help us better predict and combat clim