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Whether you want to explore debates about diversity in higher education in President Bollinger's A Legacy of Discrimination: The Essential Constitutionality of Affirmative Action; learn about New York's urban archaeology in Buried Beneath the City by Nan Rothschild, Amanda Sutphin, H. Arthur Bankoff, and Jessica Striebel; find out how to invest in companies and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Bruce Usher's Investing in the Era of Climate Changeread about the forms of routine terror and quotidian violence characteristic of slavery in the 25th anniversary edition of Scenes of Subjection by Saidiya Hartman; or dig deeper with our series of "Off the Shelf" interviews with Columbia's authors, there's something for you here. Below, search through our ever-updating archive of books by Columbia authors by last name, genre, and keywords to find the next book on your reading list.

Recent Highlights

Parent Like a Pediatrician by Columbia University Professor Dr. Rebekah Diamond
Parent Like A Pediatrician

By Dr. Rebekah Diamond

City of Refugees by Columbia University Professor Susan Hartman
City of Refugees

By Susan Hartman

Making Space for Justice by Columbia University Professor Michele Moody-Adams
Making Space for Justice

By Michele Moody-Adams

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